Elaine Rau Headshot B+W

Who is Elaine Rau?

  • She is a female entrepreneur
  • Who promotes other female entrepreneurs

How does she do this?

What is the goal?

  • To elevate women in business
  • To showcase powerful women in the media
  • To change our perception of women in leadership

What is her story?

  • She was in a verbally abusive and controlling work enviornment
  • She had to get out
  • She quit, packed her life in a suitcase and moved to Central America
  • She started her business overseas and decided to feature female entrepreneurs who inspired her
  • The journey was not easy, but she found a strength inside her she didn't even know existed
  • She hopes to inspire more people towards entrepreneurship, but wants to tell it as it is - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Connect with Elaine!

Please email ladybossblogger@gmail.com to schedule an interview with Elaine to learn more about her story and her goals in highlighting female entrepreneurs and their stories.